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Cheating must be eliminated

I think I wrote a long article about this topic six years ago.... But it keeps nagging at me. I suspect now it's worse than I thought it was.

Did you realize that people at the graduate levels are buying their papers on the Internet. That should not be remotely possible if the teachers are paying any attention.…


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American history doesn't make any sense unless you factor in the Comintern.


That would be the Communist avant-garde, arriving here in strength in 1921. 

This article is a quick history lesson about the fanatics that beset…


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K–12: Why John Saxon Is the Brightest Star in Math Education

American public schools are full of pedagogical nonsense: New Math, Reform Math, Common Core Math. 

If you want the real stuff, look at the textbooks created by John Saxon, writer and publisher. (After 27 years in the military as a jet pilot.)

If you are dismayed by what you find in the public schools, read this short piece about John Saxon's life and…


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The problem with Socialism is that it's very difficult to back up...

Everything might get worse. There may be no escape.

Lenin candidly explained: "The goal of Socialism is Communism.” That's where sociopaths like Stalin are dictators for life.

At present, our school system seems to want to be a gateway program for Socialism. Well, maybe everybody should think carefully about what can go wrong.…


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8-point checklist for reforming public schools

Here is the essence of what we need to do, in one short article. Please share it with teachers you know.

There are so many ideas flying around, it's easy for people to get lost in verbiage and rhetoric. I wanted to boil everything down to EIGHT essential steps that we can start working on today....



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Sight-words Harm Children

There are important conventions and traditions in academic writing. We are supposed to be polite.

The problem comes when somebody is recommending something evil or foolish. Sight-words are both. Politeness is no longer a logical option. Let's focus on telling the truth.

We are in the very ridiculous position of discussing sight-words as if they are…


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Public Schools Are Killing Character

--"Once upon a time, schools tried to improve the character of their students. Be neat. Be punctual. Be accurate. Do your homework. Don’t copy anyone else’s work. Dot your is and cross your ts. Remember, practice makes perfect.

"In a similar way, the Boy Scouts urged boys to be little gentlemen. Scout Law dictates: “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful,…


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Tips for Parents with Children in K-12

My goal is to help more people understand the reality of our public schools, which are dumb by design. This takes a lot of cleverness. The professors have to design bogus methods that don't teach the subjects they are claimed to teach. Then they have to surround the bogus methods with an impenetrable fog, so that nobody catches on to the damages caused.

These ideas are more fully explained in a new press release:…


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Why do top educators oppose cursive?

Ten years ago, a phonics guru told me that a reading program without cursive is inferior.

He said that mastering cursive accelerates the learning of the letters, which is the critical first step for phonics.

Since that time I've become fascinated by the education establishment's weird hostility to cursive. After all, what is cursive getting in the way of? Not much is being taught in our schools.

I believe that cursive is much more valuable…


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Teachers feeling guilty.... It's a start.

There is a lot of craziness in the public schools. For example, bogus theories and defective methods.

One question always simmering under the surface is: do teachers realize what they are doing to the children? 

In an article on reading, I encountered a startling quote by a teacher who does feel guilty. Unpleasant but perhaps it's helpful.…


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Propaganda and Agitprop -- it's what the Left is really good at. Here is a short history.

From the beginning of the Russian Revolution, the Communist Party devoted vast resources and brainpower to creating the best possible advertising, public relations, marketing, propaganda, and outright lies.

The Russian Revolution was hanging in the balance for years. Probably their superior marketing kept them going. Lenin, the great orator, believed in aggressive…


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Phonics Starter Kit. Fast, fun, free. Start kids off right. Save your public schools.

The weirdest event in American history Is the elimination of phonics and the introduction of an unworkable method known as Whole Word.

This happened in 1931. Flesch explained the whole fraud in 1955. But here we are sixty years later still wallowing in this swamp.

Illiteracy Is the biggest problem in our schools. It's also the easiest to fix. Eliminate sight-words. Restore…


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Lies told every day in public schools

My new American Thinker article is a quick recap of Rudolf Flesch's famous "The Big Alibis." Forty years old but still the latest news!

Many comments from parents give stark view of K-12 today. 

K-12: Ten Lies Teachers Tell You…


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Why Don't the Media Talk About Education????

In the last few years, I've become more and more fascinated by the silence of the media.

The public needs to know what's going on in the classrooms. The media won't tell them.

Look in the typical newspaper.  It will tell you how to cook a fish. It will tell you where to find a tattoo artist. It will tell you which Chevrolet is a good…


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What do teachers really think about today's students?

We hear a lot of criticism about public schools et al.

Normally, teachers feel forced to defend their institutions. They don't speak very candidly.

But Quora found a way to obtain more honest reactions. Someone asked the question: What are the most appalling things about today's students?



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What is the K-12 Conundrum? Smart, sincere people could not possibly do so much damage.

It all comes down to this simple question. If we had smart, sincere people running our public schools, could students end up so illiterate, so clueless about math, and so ignorant about general subjects???

Are you kidding? it's not remotely possible.

Well, that's my take. I think you have to work backward and decide these people are not smart and not sincere. They…


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Communism kills. How to explain that to students.

 Many people agree that 1984 is a book everyone should read. Especially so now that Democrats talk about Communism in favorable ways, and so do some students.

The problem is that 1984 is a very traumatic book for many people. I used to think it would be too much for teenagers. But now that kids know so little, I changed my mind. The other problem is that many teenagers cannot read an…


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Help stamp out Constructivism

After sight-word phoniness, Constructivism is the biggest fraud in American K-12.

Constructivism dominates and perverts education from K to 12.

Now the fun part. Try to find anyone in K-12 who can explain the problem. The Education Establishment is good at murkiness and mystery. Teachers are made to use methods they cannot…


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Warren Buffett Thought Small

I wrote an attack on Warren Buffett's foray into the newspaper business. Nothing personal.. I just wanted to make the point that the people in charge of our newspapers don't even know how to help themselves, never mind help the public.

Warren Buffett could've used newspapers to encourage literacy, to encourage school subjects generally. The more informed readers you have, the more newspapers you can sell. I don't believe he ever thought of…


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Bill of Rights for Students 2020 -- highly recommended

In his excellent new article, Prof. Jeffrey Ludwig explains why most educational reform is doomed. Education Can Be Saved, he states, But Not By The Left. Their ideological compulsions are killers. Please read this article. …


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