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Best SHORT Explanation of American Educational Failure

Churchill said Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” That’s hardly more of a puzzle than American K-12, which is sophistries wrapped in lies inside a thick fog.

The problem in understanding K-12 is that you have a surface at odds with dark secrets inside. Imagine a beautiful $10 million mansion full of glamorous people leading expensive lives. Lots of good times. Life…


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What are social justice warriors doing for literacy?

SJW posture a lot.

But on one of the most important issues, whether children can read or not, they don't have much to say. 

Illiterate kids don't have social justice.

The US is said to have almost 50,000,000 functional illiterates. This injustice must be fixed…


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Best Short Explanation of American Educational Failure

Bottom line, for the last hundred years, American history has been moving on two levels.

The one we can see where despite…


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News from the Reading War: Phonics Wins!!!

Imagine the German retreat after Stalingrad. A thousand-mile front moving steadily backwards toward Germany. Very painful for the Germans but bliss for the rest of the world.

Similarly, developments this past year point to phonics finally defeating a fake pedagogy known as  sight-words, Whole Word, balanced literacy, Dolch words, high-frequency words, all the same…


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Fake News, Fake Education...blurring together

"I dare not tell a lie..."

--attributed to George Washington

It's a long fall from there to rampant cheating, lying, dishonesty. All are epidemic throughout our society.

CNN lies all day. The truth is not reported in our newspapers. Facts are not reliably taught in our…


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Schools Aiming Low & Slow

Some days, when I think I'm clever to see that the people controlling our public schools are very disingenuous, I'm reminded once again that the brilliant H L Mencken got there first, and almost a century ahead of me.

So this article is a twofer. First, what K-12 is really all about and has been for a very long time.…


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A quick, helpful look at Constructivism

Constructivism is one of the most all-encompassing theories ever created. It does all things for all people. For children, it constructs new knowledge.

In practical terms, it forbids teaching. Teachers must be passive facilitators. (The reasoning is that if a teacher tells something directly to students, the students can no longer create their own new knowledge. It's already been done for them. And that's…


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The big threat to Education is people like Bernie Sanders....

I venture to say this is an important article. Please read.

Only 850 words. But it will take you into the real story behind what's been happening to K-12 for the last hundred years. Namely, lots of people worked to degrade our school system. They did this for ideological reasons--quietly, secretly, furtively, and very effectively.

We can't fix the situation and turn it around until more people…


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Start the school year right. Fix reading!

By now, it's almost a 90-year conspiracy.

That's the one where they dumped phonics around 1930 and made little children memorize sight-words, thereby creating lots and lots of problems. For example, 50 million functional illiterates and 1 million dyslexics.

The only way you could pull off a brain-dead conspiracy…


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How We Fix K-12 -- The Short Version

Short article explains the magic formula for school reform:

The public must be 1) better informed and 2) more demanding.

The educrats use the opposite technique constantly--keeping everyone ignorant and passive. As long as our educrats can get away with this, the rest of us will be victims. Children especially will be victims. 

Fixing K-12: How We Can Do It…


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Good news: digital tools will save education, after all.

Bruce Deitrick Price

The big debate for many years is whether computers can save K-12. Most of the ideas floated in the past 10 years were not very helpful.

Then I became aware that visionary artists are creating videos that are a magnitude more effective than what we had seen. A picture is worth 1000 words. A good video must be worth 10,000 words. Lectures and…


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K-12: Getting Rid of the Good Stuff

A lot of things once thought crucial in K-12 classrooms are nowadays kicked out on the street.

The very essence of education, and you change this at your peril, is learning that certain people did certain things at certain times for certain reasons. Now, our Education Establishment can play games all day but as you get rid of various elements in that equation, you have lost History, for one…


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A thesis for years is that our public schools use inferior methods. These methods are subtle and complicated, so that the ordinary person does not see the deception. Teachers may not see the deception.

One of the fun parts of studying education is you get to look at these anomalies and decide hey, this is a clunker. It should be eliminated. 

It's tedious to…


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Teach a kid to read this summer. It's easy.

What a sad and shocking story this has been. For 85 years our Education Establishment has kept the public schools of America tied up in knots. Reading was not taught properly. We ended up with 50,000,000 functional illiterates. And all of this was accomplished by a tsunami of lies and disinformation.


Anybody who participated in this fraud should feel guilty for the next 10…


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Why are our public schools so inefficient and dysfunctional???

A quick way to understand why K-12 schools are such a mess.

Consider where we were in 1853. "Per Siljestromm, a Swedish visitor, wrote, 'In no country in the world is the taste for reading so diffuse as among the common people in America.'"

And we have gone from there to 50 million functional illiterates.

"K-12:  Red…


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Education Establishment viewed as Parasites

In West Virginia, in August, we would see these fairly large caterpillars on the trees, half-covered by little white things. We thought the white things were eggs, put there by a wasp. Turns out that the eggs are injected earlier, and the white things are larvae emerging.

In any case, the baby wasps feed on the catapillar and finally kill it. The most grisly part of the story is that the wasp injects…


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Simple Instruction vs. Difficult Instruction

Which is better? Simple.

Which does our Education Establishment prefer? Diffcult.

And there you have it, a complete explanation of why American public schools are in decline.


This is…


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The Internet informs. The media and the schools do not. Who wins this battle?

WIRED had a huge article about the digital visionaries who think that true democracy will emerge on the Internet.

Oh really? Even as our school system and our mainstream media have stopped doing their jobs?

If people know almost nothing about the world, how can they have an intelligent conversation about the day's trivia?…


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Bill Gates and Common Core -- WHAT HAPPENED?

Progressive education continues to metastasize in weird and dangerous ways. Even Bill Gates is not safe.

The problem from the beginning (I.e. John Dewey) is that our Education Establishment was generally anti-academic, anti-American, and anti-achievement. To reach their goals, our professors of education would pretend to believe even the nuttiest theories and methods. Most recently, that meant embracing Common Core,…


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Socialism versus Education: Education Doesn't Stand a Chance

Never mind the sweet promises.

Socialism is primarily concerned with power to arrange and rearrange a society. Everything else is secondary.

In the USA, Socialists want to use public schools as a road to power. This was John Dewey's master plan. Take over the ed schools, indoctrinate the teachers, and send them out to indoctrinate the young. A very simple and powerful plan, as we have seen for the last hundred years. But to make it work, the Education…


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