What is School Leadership 2.0


  • We are a site dedicated to providing/sharing the best practices in school leadership, along with a rich array of resources in the New York region and around the globe. We help present school leaders and aspiring school leaders to come together to meet present and future challenges.


What is available to members of School Leadership 2.0?


  • Members will have a state of the art learning platform from which to explore issues and learn collegially.   Members receive the following:
  • full access to hundreds of leadership resources available with opportunities for  discussion.
  • a home page and blog with varied media capability.
  • file storage through Ning and file upload sharing capability on forums/blogs.
  • screened and evaluated library on leadership topics with Amazon.com ease of ordering.
  • streamed video and audio, one click classroom playing of professional development videos.
  • chat and podcasting options.
  • administrative job postings.
  • Opportunities for further education such as an online doctor of education.
  • announcements of upcoming professional events, workshops and conferences.
  • summaries of research and professional articles.

“No copyright is claimed in any posted content and to the extent that material may appear to be infringed, we assert that such alleged infringement is permissible under fair use principles in U.S. copyright laws. If you believe material has been used in an unauthorized manner, please contact the poster.”


Who are members of School Leadership 2.0?


  • Generally they are school leaders with or without formal titles from all over the globe. 


How is School Leadership 2.0 different than other teaching forums?


  • Simply put, it has "content" and not just dialogue and is updated daily. It is member-driven (by experienced, skilled educators and organized with advanced social networking capabilities that other sites can't offer.)


How much does it cost?


  • $19.95 per year.


What are those ads?


  • There are sometimes, small ads on School Leadership 2.0 unlike most sites which have many. These ads are to support members with services generally found useful and worthwhile. Click if you are curious. Also use our Market Place to advertise ANYTHING - your website, your blog, your product, your service, yourself!


Why am I asked to give my email address?


  • This is only for the network creators and for security purposes. It is ALWAYS locked and private and only for this one purpose.


I am not very computer saavy. Where can I go for help?

After you have registered, you may do many things.


  1. Change your home page appearance / just move the sections around!
  2. Change your network settings and how you are contacted
  3. Upload videos and music to your homepage and organize photo albums
  4. Change your profile information/photo Link your video and music player to Facebook
  5. Get an School Leadership 2.0 badge to use for promotion on your website or elsewhere
  6. Start a blog or a forum discussion about a topic of interest
  7. Invaluable is the Ning FAQ page and Ning blog page for Network Creators. Also see their series of screencasts for basic info. about the network's capabilities. Here is their first one.  Find more screencasts like this on Ning Network Creators



How do I make friends here?


  • Be bold and when you see someone who has the same interests, makes a great entry or shares something you are interested in, click "INVITE AS A FRIEND". It's a great way to network and become a better leader!


Can I email here?


  • Yes, you have an internal emailing system. You can import addresses from another emailing server and also use it to directly email anyone you wish. Click the small envelope icon at the top of the page.


How can I contact other members?


  • You can contact them either privately or publicly. Privately, you can send a personal message. Click under their picture, "Send a Message". Publicly, simply leave a message on their home page in their comment box or click "reply" to send a comment back to them.


How can I follow a forum discussion?


  • You can do this two ways. Either revisit School Leadership 2.0 or simply click the "follow" button at the bottom and you will be notified by email when someone replies to the discussion. Also, please note the "Latest Activity" feature which you can scan when visiting School Leadership 2.0. It will tell you about any new activity that has taken place.


What are the groups? Who can start one?


  • Groups can be started by any member. They are a place where members with specific interests can discuss and post specific teaching information.


What should I do if I have a complaint?


What is RSS?


  • RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication and it gives updated information from selected websites/blogs. Feel free to click these entries which have valuable information for members. The RSS feeds will change occassion. Please recommend your own or put an RSS feed on your homepage. If you already have a blog, you can put an RSS feed on your homepage and it will appear there. No need to do things twice!


Can I help promote School Leadership 2.0?


  • Yes, please do! Let others know what a great community awaits here. Either put a badge on your website or Facebook page or put our website address in your signature for emails and other web communication. Let others know at conferences, your school etc.....




School Leadership 2.0 is the premier virtual learning community for school leaders from around the globe.  Our community is a subscription based paid service ($19.95/year or only $1.99 per month for a trial membership)  which will provide school leaders with outstanding resources. Learn more about membership to this service by clicking one our links below.


Click HERE to subscribe as an individual.


Click HERE to learn about group membership (i.e. association, leadership teams)





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