The most obvious conspiracy in education...

Oh no, more on-sight-words. I'm always trying to figure out a way to explain this thing in 100 words or less. But it's not so easy. Our Education Establishment could not keep this hoax going for 75 years if it was easy to explain. See PS.

Here's my most recent shot, on American Thinker, titled "The most obvious conspiracy in the history of the world." As is usually the case on American Thinker, the article has a lot of smart comments, from a great range of people. They are practically an education in themselves.

Here is the link:


PS. This article prompted a really interesting email from an author in New Mexico. He lamented that he had read my article twice and still couldn't figure what I was talking about. Now, this is a smart guy. He's a writer. I'm explaining that if you make children memorize English words as if they are graphic designs, the children will quickly be overwhelmed by the difficulty of doing this. Basically, it's like trying to memorize lots of phone numbers, lots of license plates, lots of corporate logos, lots of famous paintings, lots of organic chemistry symbols. Each design is hard work. And a week or two later, if it slips out of your mind, there is no logical way to reconstruct the meaning. So when you look at the design on the page, you think: ???? That's why these kids can never become fluent readers. You cannot hold 5,000 English words in your brain, or even 500, so they pop up instantly at a glance. ( But a college student needs 50,000!)

Our high-level educators talk about children attaining "automaticity" on even the 220 high-frequency words as if this is a very doable thing, as if a kid might need a few months or a year. But most children can never do it, So the official hoax is revealed right there. They're saying to the children do X but virtually no children can do X and certainly they can't do it in a timely way....And here's the kicker. If a child does do it, perfect automaticity on 220 high-frequency words, now this kid has learned to read in two entirely different ways. He has the English language as a phonetic language. And he has part of the English language as a symbol language. So now his brain is schizophrenic and he will always struggle with reading. He will never read for pleasure because his brain is switching back and forth. The percentage of Americans who can read a book for pleasure is in decline for decades. Whole Word is the reason.


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