7 Must DO Things Before 8 A.M.

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Life is like a fast moving train with no turning back, it’s your own responsibility to make it better for yourself, nobody else will do it for you, purposefully you have to carve time out every day to progress and improve.

If don’t then  without question, your time will get lost in the vacuum of increasingly crowded lives. Before you know it, you’ll be old and withered — wondering where all that time went.

“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.” – Professor Harold

Here are a few things you must do daily before 8 A.M. , to keep your life happening the way you want it.

1- Rethink – Add Meaning to your life

You are the author of your destiny. You are responsible to give meaning to your life, don’t live someone else’s life and don’t let others to influence your life, you have to decide and you must decide, if you don’t someone else will, Indecision itself is a bad decision.

It may seem like a long to-do list. But in short, it’s really quite simple:

Wake up

Get moving

Energize your body and brain

Practice mindfulness

Get Inspired

Challenge yourself

Iterate your goals

Do something to move you forward

Let’s begin.

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2- Spiritual Boost

Gratitude should be your attitude towards life, it is the most important key to success. It has been called the mother of all virtues. Start your morning by putting your soul in a cleansing process, you will attract the best the world has to offer and not get distracted.

Love begets love, people get attracted towards love and thankfulness, when you will be grateful for what you have, you will attract more positivity from within you and from your surroundings.

Prayer and meditation facilitate intense gratitude for all that you have. Adopt the habit of  prayer and meditation after waking from a healthy and restful sleep session, it is crucial for orienting yourself toward the positive.

7 things every person should do before 8.a.mhttp://parhja.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/7-things-every-person-should-do-before-8.a.m-1-300x199.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 541px) 100vw, 541px" />

3- Physical Activity

Humans are holistic beings, you have to take care of your body, it will affect every other aspect of your life. Exercise and physical activity has proven to decrease depression and anxiety, also it regulates blood supply and keeps the heart healthy.

All successful, happy and productive people in the world advocated the importance of regular exercise, do whatever it takes but keep your body moving, doing a little workout in the early hours of morning generates an intense inflow of inspiration and clarity.

7 things every person should do before 8.a.mhttp://parhja.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/7-things-every-person-should-do-before-8.a.m-2-300x225.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px" />

4- A Good Intake Of Protein

Remember a 30-30 rule i.e. 30 grams of protein, 30 minutes after waking up, Protein-rich foods keep you full longer than other foods because they take longer to leave the stomach.

Also, protein keeps blood-sugar levels steady, which prevents spikes in hunger.

Eating protein first decreases your white carbohydrate cravings. These are the types of carbs that get you fat.

5- Cold Shower

Believe it or not, short cold water baths radically improves physical and mental wellness. Research says that cold water baths provides long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, circulatory and digestive systems, which will not only improve the quality of your life but will also help in weight-loss as its boosts metabolism. Interesting? Umm..Yeah…

There is of course a natural fear of stepping into cold water specially in winters, but you just need to jump in. After 20 seconds, you’re fine. When taking a cold shower, your heart starts beating like crazy. Then, after like 20 seconds, you feel fine.

It’s healthy to do something in the morning that kind of pushes you outside your comfort zone, it gives you a feeling of liveliness and tells you that all good things lies outside that green zone commonly known as comfort zone.

6- Review Your Life & Motivate Yourself

Don’t get lost in swirls of routine life, everyday give yourself a little time to do some self reasoning, review yourself inside out, what you are doing and what you want to do in life? Are you really doing what you want to do?. Get the answers and align yourself with them. It really helps.

Jot down your goals, both short term and long term, make a list of tangible doable short terms goals keeping an eye on your long term goals, put yourself into perspective and motivate yourself to do it, everyday!

Achieving goals is a science. There’s no confusion or ambiguity to it. If you follow a simple pattern, you can accomplish all of your goals, no matter how big they are. Keep reviewing and motivating yourself and you are on the right track.

7 things every person should do before 8.a.mhttp://parhja.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/7-things-every-person-should-do-before-8.a.m-3-300x124.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />

7- Do At Least One Thing Towards Long-Term Goals

Morning is the time when your body and mind is fresh, therefore you need to do the hard stuff first thing in the morning, as by the end of the day you are so much exhausted that it would be difficult for your to do something challenging at that time. Consequently, you will have a million reasons to start tomorrow, and that tomorrow will never come.

Willpower is really a very powerful tool to push human to its very limits, with strong will you surely can do wonders, your ability to make high quality decisions depends on willpower, but willpower is like a muscle when overworked it’s get fatigued over time, and ultimately it affects your ability to make decisions.

So, worst things first, do the difficult part first thing in the morning towards achieving your long term goals, and repeat it again tomorrow :), no big deal you just have take one small step everyday toward your big goals, soon you will realize they were not that far.

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