Check out this Wiki on Web 2.0 tools. This is the best and keeps expanding. This is a wiki that has been contributed to by hundreds of teachers. They have added really cool tools for the classroom. Check it out:




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Cool.  I would like to find out more about the site.  But I would not be able to do so from the workplace as it blocks my access to the page :-).  Maybe find time to do so from home.
Tey-yuan, have you spoken to your technology department about how useful these tools are for schools (and for adults?) ;)

Carmela,  I love this site and have used it before - THANK YOU for sharing it!

Quick question, do you know if they have a twitter account that tweets updates to the site? I'm looking for one but can't find it yet. :)

This is an awesome site - I love how it is organized so that you can try out sites that fit your purpose.  Has anyone used Collaborize Classroom?  I am thinking of using it to allow teachers throughout our district to showcase their class contributions to a theme of Peace and Democracy and service learning projects k-12 that get students involved in the national and global issues they learn about.
Cynthia, Collaborize Classroom discussions and polls are very easy to set up. What kind of end products are your teachers going to share and how would you like to collect feedback from other teachers and / or students? How were you thinking of using CC? There are several online publishing mediums that might work well too like YouTube and ( is an epublishing platform).
I set up a classroom. If you send me your email I can invite you in.  I took Monica Willard's 11 days of peace and created a page for each topic.  Teachers who participate will have access to take off from where I post questions.  They can post discussion questions for their students and write about the process of how their projects are going.  Basically I was thinking about having teachers all adopt a "cause" with their classes after seeing what their students feel passionate about.  They can then post "blogs", pictures, videos, etc. that the other classes in the district can comment on.
Great! I just sent you my email on Collaborize! Looking forward to hearing about the project!

Hi Cynthia,

Ok I placed a topic on the discussion forum to see how it worked. It was pretty neat! Check out the vote when you get a chance but feel free to delete if you need to. :)






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