How have you seen data guide action this month? Data will affect decisions that are made in curriculum and instruction, professional development, pupil services, school finance, organizational management and more.

Tell us what you have tried, what worked, and what did not go as planned.

Tell us what have you seen others try. Better yet, ask them to join the Data Group so they can post it for themselves!

Use 10 words or 100 words, give a quick update or a more detailed description, but help us all learn from your recent experiences.

This discussion will be renewed monthly within the Data Group. Our Data to Action practices will change from month to month - as the school year cycles, our knowledge-base evolves, and external requirements change. Likewise, our skills will need to keep pace.

So please join the June 2008 "Data to Action" discussion today!

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It seems that we come a long way! For just about 8 years, I have been trying to help my colleagues see the use for data. We have had our own assessment history available for that long. Unfortunately, all the questions around the assessments themselves and how much weight to put on those results have kept teachers from examining the data too carefully. Now we have implemented scanning and expect that it will soon reach the teachers own assessments. This should become more valuable to them and help them to better understand their own approach to curriculum. It feels like we are getting to a better place for understanding our students' needs.
Hi Marti,
Thanks for all your work with data!
I agree, it seems we are moving beyond some of the early objections and on toward figuring out how we can use all this information to help teachers help kids. It is an exciting time to be involved in this work.

I am enjoying reading your postings. Thank you for keeping me and us informed. It does help to be constantly reminded about using data to help drive decisions. One way that I am changing the way that I give recommendations is by forcing myself to constantly stop, think, and remember to think "data" when I am asked to give a response. In admin classes years ago it was "policy, policy, policy". When reacting (or taking action) to a problem or concern, one was told you had to remember policy. What does it say in the "policy?", "Is there a policy?", etc.

So, in your "Data to Action" section, I would like to recommend making data driven decisions a habit! Being gently reminded to think "data, data, data" is helping, and for many that I work with, it's becoming a mantra. Almost something you don't have to stop and think about.

Thanks for your persistence! It's working, at least for me.


Thank you for your post - it helped me reflect on how our "ways of being" can profoundly influence our professional behavior.

Education has fallen many times into the swamp of ideology and faddish nonsense. I believe that data, unique in its appeal to public comment and the peer review of evidence, is one of the only ways out of the swamp!


Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows an effective way to keep data. I teach English and I have three classes, over 85 students. Any ideas? Thank you! Laurie 






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