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There is so little any person can say as we reflect on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday.  Those of us in education know the regularity of school, day by day, sweet children growing under the watchful eyes of skilled, loving, and dedicated educators.  To have that routine shattered makes the whole world seem terrifying, uncertain, and frightening.

Words do not seem adequate but somehow we try to summon them to comfort others, make sense or just to cry out on the awful wrong of it all.  Perhaps the best we can do at this point in our shared grief is to offer this forum for all to express their feelings.  

Please scroll down and offer your thoughts and prayers.  They may help us all.


Michael Keany

William Brennan

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Your words could have been mine.  It is unbelievable tragic, and it cannot be understood. My tears come unbidden at the slightest provocation, and today, I am trying so hard to build up my little brick wall against the tears. I will be facing children and teachers on Monday. I can't be a mess... As difficult as it is to lose a dear one to illness or accident, we bear unspeakable pain that these were lost to senseless violence.  The fact that the children were so very young and trusting is even more tragic somehow. Thank you to all the heroes who did their best to protect the children in their care, and I pray to God Almighty that all those who suffer will be comforted.  In this holy season, let us find and share the goodness of life, the sweet gift of Life.

I am saddened by this sad, senseless act.  I will not judge the mother because I did not have her life, I do not know what she was going through raising her son.  Something is so wrong with what happened.  Is there any explanation?  I don't think so, how do you explain this.

I am expecting to have many conversations with students tomorrow and in the coming days.  I will try to comfort them as best as I can.  I will explain that this person had severe issues and that because they or their friends/siblings might have Asperger's Syndrome or various other challenges, this does not mean that they will do the same thing.  How are students supposed to learn when they are worried about themselves or their friends and loved ones?

Now can we have a serious talk about mental health issues?

We are saddened by the loss of life and loss of innocence; the senselessness of it all.  Our hearts are broken in sympathy with all that have been affected by this horrible tragedy.  Our prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones.  We are united in our compassion for all of you.  No one, and no school will ever be the same.

There are no words to express the overwhelming sadness that the world feel today.  As we face our own communities and to our children.  I am sending my deepest condolences to the Sandy Hook Elementary School community and families!

Your pain is the world's pain.

You are surrounded with love and prayers in these difficult days of sadness.  





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