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There is so little any person can say as we reflect on the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday.  Those of us in education know the regularity of school, day by day, sweet children growing under the watchful eyes of skilled, loving, and dedicated educators.  To have that routine shattered makes the whole world seem terrifying, uncertain, and frightening.

Words do not seem adequate but somehow we try to summon them to comfort others, make sense or just to cry out on the awful wrong of it all.  Perhaps the best we can do at this point in our shared grief is to offer this forum for all to express their feelings.  

Please scroll down and offer your thoughts and prayers.  They may help us all.


Michael Keany

William Brennan

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I agree that words are a weak medium to express the depth of sorrow that we all feel.  But I thank Mike and Bill for giving us this opportunity to share.  I am heartbroken for the lives lost and the senselessness of the tragedy.  The only hope that I wring out of this horror is how brave the teachers were in the face of an assault against the children.  They were on duty, doing what they do best, caring for their young charges.  Once again I am reminded of how grateful I am to part of this sacred profession.



There are no words to express the overwhelming sadness that we, as a nation, feel today.  As we face our own school communities on Monday to offer explanations, comfort and reassurance, I hope that I am able to muster the same courage and love that the staff at Sandy Hook Elementary displayed yesterday. 


May they all rest in peace.

Judith Hynes



A sad day for America. Rest in peace on angels wings. 

What a tragedy that so many innocents died because of a mad man's unchecked rage. Say a prayer for the children and the families that were a witness to this outrage and who will always have the images of those who died in the hearts forever. Say a word of thanks to the teachers who put their lives on the line for the safety of their children.

No one should have to bury their own child. It's a sick tragedy and i hope that people with mental issues get the help they need. What do we do now? Beef up security in schools? Offer a screening before they come in? Something needs to be done not only as a preventative measure but for these parents to have some sort of solace. My heart goes out to them.
Inexplicable sadness for anyone who has experienced the love of a school family and of course for the families of the victims. As elementary educators we have all experienced the frustration of knowing students like Adam Lanzo whose families have resisted help. As the investigation continues, I 'd like to know why anyone keeps assault and semi-automatic weapons in their homes? Especially when you have a clearly disturbed son! As a retired principal in a quiet Long Island neighborhood we had a plan to deal with all types of emergencies and knew that a person with guns could not be stopped.
Rest in Peace to all the victims. Their family members are in my prayers.

This tragic event is unimaginable. Although I know that words cannot erase the pain in the hearts of those families involved, I am sending my deepest condolences to the Sandy Hook Elementary School community. Your pain is the nation's pain.

Clearly the word “sadness” does not even begin to express how we all feel. I recognize this is not the forum for this. However, knowing how to design and install a comprehensive school security plan, short of an "armed" secure guard in our buildings is worth investing yet again. Perhaps a discussion thread to start this uncomfortable conversation. We all feel awful and I like many others feel like we must do something now to try and prevent this from happening again. Waiting for someone else to solve this for us is just as frightening. God bless children everywhere. 





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