The Illusion of Power-reprint from Guide to life blog

Ever heard the saying ‘He is a big fish in a little pond’ well a lot of people are under the misconception they hold a lot more power than they do.
Psst don’t tell anyone but you actually don’t have any power at all other than that you have over your own thoughts and actions. Sad but true we all have free will and no one can control another person or the world in which they live. Oh we can create the illusion of power but that’s all it is an illusion.

We can give people the illusion they have power in many ways such as repeating gossip or doing something simply to keep the peace or not speaking our truth. People can think they are powerful by creating fear, intimidating, bullying or using another person’s fears and insecurities against them. But power is not making someone else smaller so you can feel bigger, that is insecurity and fear on your part. A person who is secure in who they are has nothing to prove to anyone and has the ability to lift others not put them down.

Power is an illusion you don’t need power to create you need passion, You don’t need power to achieve you need belief in self. You don’t need power to get people doing what you want you need compassion, kindness and the ability to help people step into their greatness.

I don’t want to feel powerful I want to feel fulfilled. I don’t want to be powerful I want to be passionate. It is not power which will create but love.

If you do not want to give people power then stop trying to be powerful and start being great. If you do not want to feel powerless then stop getting into power struggles and start recognizing and acting upon the infinite possibilities which exist inside you.

Words only have as much power as you give them so be careful not to indulge in idle gossip and repeating stories and tall tales. People only have as much power as you give them recognize self esteem as your human birth right look for the greatness you hold within. Don’t give me power give me love with that I can transform the world.

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