Proud School Turnaround - Academic Gains with Positive Climate

Our school leaders deal with the challenge of meeting increasing State mandates and student needs everyday.  A wonderful network of educators will be in Nashville October 29th to November 1st to share inspiring stories like the one below, as well as strategies to create an environment where students AND staff will realize their potential.  Please consider sending a representative from your school to learn about positive alternatives to control oriented mandates. Please read on to learn more.


I'm proud to share the real life success story about a principal that created an intentionally positive climate with Invitational Education and turned a high poverty, failing school into an award-winning, high achieving school:


The Joe Stanley Smith Elementary School was known as the "worst school in Carlsbad, New Mexico."  In 2011, there was no trust between school staff, administration, and parents, student discipline issues were rising, and the State gave the school an overall grade of "D"  - 3 points away from "F." By implementing a positive school climate with Invitational Education as the framework, and choosing instructional strategies that demonstrated optimism, trust, respect and care, new principal Kim Arrington led the school through a remarkable transformation.  


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Joe Stanley Smith Elementary School:



Overall School Grade: based on State-Wide Testing:

2010-2011:  The school scored 39.5 points for a letter grade of "D."

2013-14:      The school scored 62.3 points for a letter grade of "B."


School Rank: Number of proficient students compared with schools that have a similar % of economically disadvantaged students.  Joe Stanley Smith Elementary (JSS) has 82% of students living in poverty.


2013: JSS ranked #21 out of 47 schools

2104: JSS ranked #2 out of 46 schools


School Rank:  Number of proficient students considering all factors: English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities, Ethnicity, Economically Disadvantaged, and Mobility. 


2013: JSS ranked #15 out of 47 schools

2014: JSS ranked #5 out of 46 schools


Accelerated Reader Success Rate:

2011:  41% of students scored 85% or better on Acc. Reader quizzes. 

2013:  90% of students scored 85% or better on Acc. Reader quizzes.


Student Discipline:

2012-13:  17 infractions

2013-14:  2 infractions


Out of School Suspensions:

2012-13:  36 suspensions

2013-14:  5 suspensions


Parental Support:

2010-11:  PTA raised approximately $400

2013-14:  PTA raised over $50,000


Read Kim Arrington's Story:

"Inviting Seeds of Change:  Our Story, Our Vision"


Meet More Successful Inviting School Leaders

Attend the

International Alliance for Invitational Education

32nd Annual World Conference


Transforming Schools with Invitational Education

Optimal Climate – Optimal Results

October 29 – November 1, 2014

Nashville, Tennessee


The International Alliance for Invitational Education summons you most cordially to attend IAIE's 32nd Annual World Conference.  This unique international gathering focuses on how to use Invitational Theory as a framework for creating positive climates. 


Invitational Theory is a self-concept approach to helping all stakeholders in an organization to realize their full potential.  Everyone and everything in our environment influences our self-concept - what we believe to be true about ourselves, which in turn influences our choices of behavior.  Through Invitational Education, we create intentionally optimistic mindsets and respectful, trustworthy messages, and come to see ourselves and others as able, valuable and responsible.


Today's control oriented reform efforts offer little choice and can negatively impact motivation, creativity, perseverance and effort.  Invitational Education provides a much needed balance to insure that we provide a high challenge/low risk environment in which we all will thrive.  


Learn more about Invitational Theory and Practice and IAIE's international network of professionals at


Featured Conference Topics:

  • Pre-Conference Institute: The New Invitational Theory and Practice Toolkit : A Multi-media Powerpoint to guide your staff to becoming an Inviting School
  • Presentations on social emotional learning, at-risk students, organizational climate, and Invitational Leadership
  • The role of positive climate in meeting Academic, Common Core and Teacher Evaluation standards
  • Employing Invitational Education as a framework for effective leadership and teaching
  • Becoming an award-winning Inviting School
  • Presenting and planning new research related to Invitational Theory and Practice
  • 1 or 2 Graduate Semester Hours Credit available through Muskingum University for $130 per credit.  Register at Conference with check or credit card payment.
  • Continuing Education/Professional Development certificate of attendance provided by IAIE at end of each conference day. 



To download the complete

IAIE Conference Brochure and Registration Form

You may register online or by mail.  

Check, Credit Card, and School Purchase Orders accepted. 



for Online Registration 


For further information, contact:

Joan Fretz, IAIE Executive Director   631-266-2720


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