A Day in the Life of Middle School English Teacher

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice 

A Day in the Life of Middle School English Teacher

Stephanie Hampton


June 12

A Day in the Life of Middle School English Teacher Stephanie Hampton

Stephanie Hampton’s journey as a middle school English Language Arts teacher reveals the joys and challenges of the profession. Her detailed account of a typical day provides insights into the dedication and resilience required to thrive in education.

Morning Routine Hampton begins her day at 5:30 am, starting with personal tasks such as letting her dog out, making breakfast, and preparing for the school day. By 6:45 am, she leaves for work, appreciative of her short commute compared to colleagues who travel much farther.

Prepping for the Day Arriving at school by 7:05 am, Hampton’s first task is to prepare her classroom. She updates the agenda board, turns on the computer and projector, and ensures all materials are ready for her students. This preparation includes selecting a positive quotation to display, and setting a welcoming tone for the day.

Student Interaction From 7:25 am, students start entering the building. Hampton makes it a point to stand by her door, greeting each student by name. This practice fosters a sense of belonging and recognition among her students.

Classroom Activities Classes begin at 7:33 am with Hampton introducing the day’s agenda and focus. Her teaching follows a structured pattern of “I DO, WE DO, YOU DO” activities:

  1. I DO: Hampton models the lesson, explaining concepts such as source collection for research projects or differences in MLA citations.
  2. WE DO: Students engage in guided practice, collaborating and moving around to reinforce learning.
  3. YOU DO: Students work independently, applying what they’ve learned, often using Chromebooks for research or writing tasks.

Throughout the morning, Hampton highlights the small victories, such as a shy student sharing a creative writing piece or another student raising his hand for the first time. These moments bring her immense satisfaction.

Lunch and Planning Lunch at 10:42 am offers a brief respite, often used for quick tasks like making copies or catching up on grading. The sub shortage in her district sometimes requires her to give up this time to cover other classes, adding to her workload.

Afternoon Challenges The afternoon classes, from 12:13 pm to 2:20 pm, are filled with ups and downs. Hampton manages tardiness, addresses student needs, and supports those struggling. She celebrates small achievements and handles disciplinary issues with care, such as giving students a time-out to cool off.

After-School Activities Post-school hours are occupied with extracurricular activities like her poetry club, tutoring sessions, and meetings with parents or colleagues. These activities often extend her workday until 4:00 pm.

Evening Routine After arriving home, Hampton enjoys some downtime with her family before diving back into school-related tasks. From 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, she prepares for the next day, answers emails, and grades papers, striving to maintain a work-life balance.

Stephanie Hampton’s account highlights the demanding yet rewarding nature of teaching. Her commitment to her students and her profession is evident in the detailed attention she gives to each aspect of her day.

For more detailed information, visit the original article: Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice.

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