Is anyone using iPads as data collection devices for walkthrough observations?

We have a group here trying to identify the data elements we want to capture. Once these "questions" are collected, we plan on developing a Google Form to tap in the data  collected during these walkthroughs. This form will be accessible to the Building Admins. so the data they collect can be collected in one location and then analyzed at a latter date.  Anyone else doing something similar? Perhaps we could trade forms?



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The admin team at my school is also looking to create a walkthrough form.  I should say, I am working on a form that I will share with the rest of the team.  We are just deciding on the elements that should go into the form that will provide an accurate snapshot based on our particular needs.  On a different note, I found that there are some walkthrough templates in Google Form that you may want to take a look at.  In any case, feel free to reach out so we may collaborate and share ideas.

I would suggest that you look at the App FormConnect.  It allows you to create personal data bases that you can use to record a walk through.  The same thing can be done with Bento but the problem with Bento is that it is only compatible for transfer with the MAC and you have to but the Mac version for $50.00.  FormConnect allows you to export in a number of formats including excel.   Of course, you have to create your own templates.  But that is the advantage in that it is customized to your needs and you don't need an internet connection to record the observation only to transfer it which you can do later.  FormConnect is easy to use with no big learning curve.   It allows you to make comments rating and drop downs.   It is not perfect, but nothing is and there  are no subscription fees.   Another alternative is to use the forms capability in Numbers.  (iWork's)  I created a few observation templates and they work, but them switched over to using FormsConnect.  


I am not sure if it is 5 or 10 dollars,


That sounds very interesting for sharing and collaborating.  I am not sure about what kinds of data you have been thinking about collecting and for what purpose.  I am aware of the fact that has developed a few mobile device-based applications to capture data of various natures as a walk-through or observation tools.  Of course, that is a commercial set of products.  That may provide a reference point for local and home-grown app development.

We are using it with Teachscape to conduct Danielson Supportive Feedback walkthroughs.
The iPad version, however, isn't the best. I've abandoned it for the web-based version via laptop, which is much better. The assistant principals use the note pad or pages on iPad to take notes that they later add to the online Teachscape tool.
If we weren't using the Teachscape tool, we would be using an iPad and google form combination. My warning here is to keep your google form simple multiple choice linked to a rubric or the result will be an unwieldy spreadsheet.

I thought I would "pump" this to the forefront again to see if anyone has discovered an app for this purpose.

I have been told that  schools in the DCMO BOCES area have done about 400 classroom walkthroughs using iPads this school year.  They have been using MxMobile HD and build and share their own templates amongst the schools and districts.


I have been exploring  ECOVE "Administrator Edition"

DCMO BOCES has several dozen schools using iPads for walkthrough observations.  You may want to contact them - particularly Phil Sheridan the director of IT.

we are using Teach Boost....web based custom letter templates.






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