steve Hauk

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I'M in my 3rd year as AP @ West Hollow MS, HHH school District. I'm a former math coordinator and Math and Business teacher
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Assistant Principal
At what school level do you work?
Middle School
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Suffolk County NY

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  • Michael Keany


    Dear Steve:


    Welcome!  I'm so pleased you decided to join our School Leadership 2.0 community.  As you start to explore the site, and I hope you will, I feel confident that you will see its many benefits.  A good starting point might be the short video tutorials which you can find on the pull down menu on the home page.  Each highlights a special section of the community and provides clear instruction on how to participate.  


    We are very eager to hear your comments and suggestions for improvements and enhancements.  School Leadership 2.0 will grow and flourish with the ideas of the members.


    Again, I am so pleased you have joined.  Now feel free to explore and contribute!




    Michael Keany

  • Gerald Lauber Ed.D

    You are right on target with your observations.  We will start a blog when things get up and running this Summer. Our focus will be FL content integration with subjects that are already mandated.  We will focus on the development of thinking skills necessary to apply these concepts to daily living.  Take a look at to get a sense of how we approach thinking. Enjoy HHH I did when I was there as Assistant Supt for Elementary Instruction.  Gerry