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Is There Too Much Deception In K-12 ???

Siegfried Englemann just died. For me he was a great man because he tried to tell the truth. My impression of the Education Establishment is that it rarely tries to tell the truth. 

Trying to dramatize this perspective, I thought of the fascinating story related in the Spielberg movie 1941. To hide the aircraft factories in California, set designers and…


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How teachers talk about Sight-Words

We have 50 million functional illiterates. Two questions emerge. What technique was used to accomplish this destruction? And how was the Education Establishment able to conceal the whole operation?

Sight-words were used to undermine literacy.

As for concealment, the main part of the secret is dense, unfriendly jargon. People talk a lot but almost nobody knows what's going…


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Can anyone think critically about critical thinking?

To start with, the phrase "critical thinking" is unnecessary. Thinking is quite sufficient. Can anybody's students do that anymore?

Well, color me cynical. But I think the public schools started yammering about Critical Thinking exactly at the time they decided not to bother with it anymore.

If you teach arithmetic with Common Core, you're going to get…


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Ignorance makes the world safe for totalitarianism

The public schools seem determined to become ever more dumbed-down. Where does this go?

As I collect examples of how ignorant our high school and college students have become, I can't help thinking: this story cannot have a happy ending.

If young people know nothing about the country's past, why would they be…


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Easiest way to understand the Reading Wars -- meet Sue Dickson

Sue Dickson was first an elementary-school teacher and then a reading advocate. Her long career connects all the dots in this countriy's biggest educational mystery: why so much illiteracy and dyslexia?

Reading time: less than five minutes. Then you'll know!

"K-12: meet Sue Dickson, a hero of…


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Improving K-12 should be everyone's main goal.

My book explains our decline and what needs to be done now.

This book is a good inexpensive gift for every educated American. (Take care of your whole list quickly.)

See Five Reasons Why "Saving K 12" is the Perfect Gift for Everyone, a short piece on LinkedIn.

. …


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Six Easy Steps to Education Reform

Call me cynical but I am sure our Education Establishment expends tremendous thought and money on making education seem complex (i.e., something that ordinarily people can never understand).

And if that's the case, reform of this monster is out of the question. Give up, that's the message.


Ignore all this propaganda. The stuff they teach in…


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N. Y. Times Endorses Phonics...Must Read!!!

Surprising news. Times ran big research article titled: "Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?"

Stop messing around....phonics is the only game in town....that's what the Times said.…


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An Educator Admits Her Mistakes -- Expose

Three-minute animation tells you everything you need to know

about why our public schools are mediocre.…


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K-12 is too often a Museum of the Bizarre and Absurd

The Star-Nosed Mole is my poster boy for K-12. (See article.)

 There are too many dysfunctional and dishonest methods in our public schools. The people who design these things – this is my  conclusion--do not intend them to work in the claimed manner. Rather, they are intended to create mediocrity and muddled thinking. What else can you decide when you look at Common Core Math?. What else can you think when you consider that Sight-words are a terrible…


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Proposed: French Class as a perfect model for schools generally

Most classes, in American K-12, are jumbles. It’s hard for anyone to tell whether something useful is going on there or not. What is being taught? Are children learning or just chattering about learning?

Meanwhile, language classes are traditionally transparent. You know exactly what’s going on in the class. And this simple clarity is still a hallmark of language classes.…


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Memo to K-12 students: resistance is USEFUL

Public schools tend to make their students passive. I also note that parents, etc. are passive. The K-12 system is such a successful leviathan, it just squeezes the life out of everybody.

If you’ve ever had these thoughts and would like some support, read on.


A new article titled “Memo to K-12…


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Maria Montessori vs. John Dewey (Real education vs. fake education)

This is truly the overarching fight of the last 100 years. And the easiest way to understand everything that has happened to K-12.

Maria Montessori started off working with learning-disabled children. She believed in working with children as she found them and making them better. It does not matter if you like or dislike any particular feature or method that she used. She was trying to liberate the child’s…


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Socialism, Venezuela, and Education

Venezuela should be one of the richest, most successful countries in the world.    K-12 in the US should be one of the richest, most successful school systems in the world....Ideology gets in the way sometimes.

K-12: Parallels with Venezuela…


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Powerful Pedagogy: How To Teach Anything More Efficiently

Whatever makes students exclaim “Wow!” is probably a smart way to proceed.

Too much teaching is dry, dull, plodding… In short, nobody ever says “Wow!”

In every subject, for whatever age of students, there are always certain points that are the most exciting, the most dramatic, the most memorable, the most likely to make people sit up and…


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Teaching Something Is Better Than Teaching Nothing

I’m going to do this very briefly but this is one of the biggest topics possible. It deserves a whole book.

I submit to you that Progressive education believes in teaching attitudes, opinions, and feelings. Progressive education does not give a damn if children learn a fact or not.

As you feel this opinion triumphing in one school…


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Have you considered the possibility of subversion?

I think that anyone who studies education for a while will decide that there are two possibilities, the people in charge are horribly incompetent, or the people in charge are subversives.

At this time, most people understand that we have subversives in our FBI, of all places. If there, then anywhere.

This new article (which I titled K-12: Inside…


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Lively Discussion of Problems in K-12

Oh Hale Yeah interviewed me for a YouTube video. Glitch wiped out first nine minutes. Otherwise a long and lively rampage through a lot of topics. After all this time I’m still an excitable boy. There is so much craziness in our public schools, just thinking about it makes me want to shout Oh Hell No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video contains a lot of links to things I’ve…


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Consider the Politics of Education

Traditionally, K-12 was in the hands of fairly dull, safe, ordinary people. They didn’t have any fancy theories. They wanted kids to be able to read, to add, and to divide. They wanted kids to know the capital of France. Nothing grandiose. Just the basics. (And I would argue, that’s precisely what we really need today.)

John Dewey and his gang, starting more than 100 years ago, did have grandiose theories.…


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UPDATE: the Conspiracy against Reading

The linked article shows that literacy in 1910 was almost 99%.

Isn't that shocking? Didn’t you assume it was much worse? Our Education Establishment tells us every day how difficult reading is and how children can’t learn without another billion added to the budget.…


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