Survey comments from Nov. 18, 2018 - End Class Presentations?

Some students are calling for an end to in-class presentations saying they are too stressful for students, especially those with anxiety. Some educators say they see value in forcing students to make presentations to prepare them for future careers, but others, say there are many alternative ways for students to present information.  Should schools require traditional in-class student presentations?

Answer Respondent
And, of course, within reason Anonymous
This practice is based on the old framework that all students are going to go to college and receive a 4-year degree. I love my electrician, plumber and lawn care specialist. All of these guys are good at what they do and they all said they hate standing in front of people talking. I think as educators we should always explore new ways to approach traditional practices. Anonymous
It seems we are eliminating anything that is a burden to students. The real world is stressful. How will they cope? Anonymous
This work is part of the future as far as oral communication and public speaking. The Universities state students enter lacking these skills. High School teachers then must think of more creative ways to lessen anxiety and develop a more positive approach to this type of work. Anonymous
Hopefully, teachers can prepare students for presentations, not only in content but in the presentation skills as well. 

There is no doubt it's anxiety-ridden for many, but a necessary skill to develop.
Yes. Public speaking and presentation skills are required for many jobs! Anonymous
If they don’t prepare now what will they do in college and at work? Ridiculous Anonymous
Many things at school can trigger anxiety- tests, large groups, PE etc. Do we stop all of these for those who struggle with them or do we find a way to help them through it. Anonymous
Why wait to the end of the academic year to do presentations? If done regularly during the year, it is much easier for students one will assume, have developed the self-confidence to do their presentation. It should be the same expectation as the annual science fair. Anonymous
These presentations are assigned at an age when students are most emotionally vulnerable. Give them a couch. Practicing choosing is a viable thing also. Anonymous
Yes but offer students alternatives like doing a video presentation using multimedia or a screencast with the student talking and showing it in class. This allows students to make a presentation but not in person. Also students who do 
not do well in written tests can demonstrate what they have learned orally by presenting
seriously? Anonymous
Schools should provide a variety of ways for students to demonstrate knowledge. Presentations can be one avenue, but should not the only avenue. Anonymous
Not until their senior year Anonymous
"Force" and "require" are more inappropriate words for education than almost any others. Until there are positive incentives to making presentations - from prizes to college trips to awards - and more open events than "in class" student presentations, it would be just as fruitful to mandate public sex. Anonymous
This is a life skill that is quickly disappearing. As an administrator of young children, I am noticing social cognition lacking seriously. Communication is important and face to face communication is one feature that makes us human. Anonymous
Students with anxiety or speech impediments can present privately to the teacher during extra help hours. All other students should be acquiring the skill of public speaking for their future careers. Anonymous
Skill essential for life Anonymous
Kids today are using too many excuses to get out of doing things that not only have been done for many years, but that will prepare them to be productive members of society, which is the goal of education! Anonymous





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