Poll Comments from March 4 Poll - Passing Civic Test as Graduation Requirement

Arkansas now requires all students to pass (60 question out of 100) a civics exam as a graduation requirement.  The civics exam is identical to the test administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for naturalization purposes.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Answer Respondent
Should be 80 percent 
We as a country have forgotten our history and heritage 
When we forgot this we loose all of our rights one by one
Students in my opinion has enough stressed State required exams to be successful in for promotion. Civics should be taught in school under the umbrella of Social Studies, and an end of term or year end quiz should suffice. Anonymous
Unfortunately, many Americans would not pass that test. I do think there should be some level of demonstrating understanding of the principles of our nation and some basic history to graduate. Anonymous
I think it's a great idea. The US Citizenship test includes basic questions about our country's history. Facts every student should know before graduating high school. Anonymous
If you have to have a test it might as well be one we already use. Anonymous
Why should we give a graduation credential to children born in this country who know less about the United States than aliens of any age we that grant citizenship? Anonymous
Memorizing facts. If they ever need this information students have access to it 24/7. Technology. With all the assessments we do this appears to be a waste of time. Anonymous
We have that requirement in Utah, but it's become somewhat of a joke, since students only have to answer 10 questions out of 100 if they can't pass it. Anonymous
I feel that we need to insure our future voters have the tools needed to make informed decisions. Anonymous
We don’t need any more state exams, We have appropriate exams that measure what is in our curriculum. That is part of the k-12 courses for social studies. Decisions should be left to the local schools. Anonymous
How do I see the results of these surveys? Anonymous
What a fabulous idea! Anonymous
Probably a more comprehensive exam. Anonymous
They have had the civics; it should have been mastered....why more tests! Does the government of Arkansas fund the testing? How much time do the students lose to still more testing? Anonymous
And I would like to see the passing score raised to 70%. We should not be graduating student who do not understand US history, our Constitution or their obligations as citizens. Anonymous
A good idea, as long as the preparation for the test does not merely consist of memorizing facts. All students should receive hands on instruction about participation in government. Anonymous
I would prefer that the passing grade be higher for high school students. Anonymous
I would expect a student graduating should know these thongs. Maybe they should look at their curriculum and instruction to raise the rigor. Anonymous
It is not a hard task, nor is it too much to expect that citizens/noncitizns understand the protocols/rules/ expectations of American society, especially if you intend to live and work here! Anonymous
They should also pass a financial literacy exam as well so they are prepared for life and college debt, etc. Anonymous





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