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Michael Keany

Keany Associates, Inc.

631 828-9100

  • Mentoring Aspiring Administrators
  • Interview Coaching and Resume Review
  • Supervision and Evaluation of Staff
  • Team Development/Small Learning Communities
  • NASSP's Breaking Ranks and Breaking Ranks in the Middle
  • Teaching for the Future

Joan Daly-Lewis

Ray Jorgensen

Mattersof the Mind and Heart

•       Social and Emotional Literacy/EmotionalIntelligence Training Programs
•       Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional IntelligenceTest Administrator and Coach
•       Administrative Mentoring and Coaching
•       Center for Social and Emotional Literacy –Senior Faculty
•       School Reorganization Efforts
•       Online and Inservice Instructor

Nancy Doda

Larry Aronstein

Educational PerformanceConsultants


Cell: 516-423-0240

*Assisting APPR Committeeswith planning and implementing new regulations and growthmodels

* Coaching/mentoring of newand aspiring leaders;

* External Evaluator of grantsand projects;

* Grant writing;

* Workshops and seminars in leadership development, facilitatingmeetings, and organizational development;
* Working with groups in developing curriculum;
* Facilitating leadership and Board retreats;
 * Teaching aspects of leadership development,supervision; staff development; evaluation; personnel practices;instructional practices;

* New teacher orientation andtraining;

* Staff development:Understanding by Design (UbD), Differentiation of Instruction,Teaching for Understanding, Inquiry.

Judy Dodge
Educational Consultant and Author

Author, Differentiation in Action (Scholastic, 2006) and 25 Quick Formative Assessments for a Differentiated Classroom (Scholastic, 2009)
  • Frequently sought-after presenter and recognized leader in the field of effective classroom instruction
  • Workshops empower teachers to become confident in the areas of formative assessment, differentiated instruction, RTI Tier I instruction, “tiered” activities to address multiple levels of readiness, and activities for greater student engagement
  • 11 years of classroom teaching
  • 29 years of professional development with K-12 and college-level teachers



Julia Johnson

Rita Stein

631 235-6855

. How to Get an Educational Job

Nicholas Amato
School Counseling Inservice and Consulting


College Counseling

College Consultation

Test Preparation 

College Transfer Service

Consultant Services to Schools 

Other Services


Sue Gubing
Creative Solutions for 21st Century Education 3.0

John A. Richman

Dr. James Garver

Education has embraced the coaching model as a framework for improving teaching and instruction. Yet, despite the popularity of the paradigm, there is little consensus around what educational coaching looks like in practice. To address this ambiguity, Coaching for Achievement considers several questions. What can we learn from coaches—especially successful athletic coaches—that can be applied in classroom instruction, educational leadership, collaboration, and professional development? How can educators assess and develop traits embodied by these successful coaches? What specific, practical tools will aid in this application? To answer these questions, this book will take you to a “coaches’ clinic,” a gathering of the most effective athletic coaches in their respective fields. Using lessons learned from their successes (and failures), you will have the opportunity to develop your own game plan to use in your school or classroom.




Pete Suchmann


Magic Moments with Class

Audrey Gottlieb


Carol Leister and Kathleen Brennan: Educational Consultants

Combined 42 Years of Suffolk County School Administration Experience

Combined 30 Years of Successful Career Coaching and Interview Preparation

Career Coaching services to include:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Review
  • Comprehensive Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews/Interview Review
  • Mentoring

Services tailored to positions sought - Building Level, District Level and Central Office



Carolyn A. Brown

Adam Bellow

- eduTecher Founder and President

- Educational Technologist

- Public Speaker

- Web Tool Enthusiast and All Around Good Guy.


Anastasia Gavalas

Early Success, Inc

An Early Intervention Agency that operates in Nassau County.  
Lillian Sanabria-Hernandez,
Executive Director
Early Success, Inc.

James Morgan


     914 831-8058


Areas of expertise include:

  • Dimensions of Learning
  • Understanding By Design
  • Professional Leaning Communities
  • Performance Assessment 
  • Executive Coaching (Licensed by Corporate Coach U) 
  • Instructional Coaching 
  • Teacher Supervision/Evaluation
  • Implementing Habits of Mind
  • Formative Assessment of Program Initiatives



Anya Cordell

As a speaker, writer, and activist I have worked passionately against the designation of any group as “Other”.  One aspect of my work is combating teasing and bullying in schools.  A particularly poignant comment was whispered to me by a student following a presentation, “Thank you for your program; I’m Muslim, but no one here knows it”, exemplifying the danger of the very chilling climate we are in, when students and others feel they must “pass” in order to be safe.  

My programs emphasize how we are influenced by the media to adopt not just fashions, but fashionable attitudes.  I demonstrate how, historically, “just because many people scream something does not make it true”, and how “it is not a crime to be born into any ethnicity, color or religion”, though it has sometimes been treated, horrifically, as if it is.

My work is set apart by my focus on the universal experience of the injustice of what I call “appearance-ism”, as a core issue to inspire everyone to combat all types of bias.   Through sharing my personal issues with appearance-ism, and evoking our common longing for a world in which we all, individually, feel safe and valued “as-is”, I have discovered a touchstone which helps audiences appreciate the injustice of all forms of stereotyping, racism, ageism, etc.; helping them to imagine a world in which everyone claims their own worth and recognizes the worth of others.  I inspire participants, listeners and readers to, themselves, become anti-bias activists.

I emphasize the extreme importance of being an ally for others, even outside one’s own group, religion, ethnicity, etc.  My programs also address teasing, bullying, stereotyping, racism, homophobia, and discounting associated with age or health-related challenges and offer practical strategies for bridging divides of religion and ethnicity, for creating real alliances, and for crossing into one another's lives and living rooms. 


I share effective initiatives for such alliance building, as well as concrete ways that we can all come to celebrate ourselves, "as is", find our strong voices, and become anti-bias allies.   

I hope you will contact me to schedule a program, or for further information.

Thank you,
Anya Cordell


PTS Associates, Inc
Dr. Peter Nicolino
Educational Consultants with over 20 years of classroom and administrative experience, specializing in:
  • Technology integration  
  • School Improvement plan development and LeadershipDevelopment for School Improvement
  • Data analysis of district and studentperformance - Performance Assessment Construction
  • Teacher/Administrator Supervision and Evaluation
  • Core Standards workshops





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