Comments on 9/1/19 Poll - mental health days for students

Oregon will allow students to take “mental health days” just as they would sick days, expanding the reasons for excused school absences to include mental or behavioral health under a new law that experts say is one of the first of its kind in the U.S.  Proponents say that this move brings increased attention to the mental health of young people.  Do you agree with this legislation?

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If I feel that many students suffer from mental issues such as depression and if by staying home for one day they can regroup or decompress, I'm all for it. Anonymous
A better understanding of self, mental, emotional, and physical, will allow students, and families to incorporate what falls under "sick" days. There should not be separate days. In New York, we have enough holidays, and if one just doesn't feel well enough to go to school or work, it should be regarded as a "sick" day. At the same time, when there are holidays, school closings for whatever reasons, students, and people in general, need to learn how to budget their time, and take real vacations! Anonymous
If students need to take 'mental health days', they should instead receive counseling on that day. Anonymous
It is nuts Anonymous
I'm an administrator in a school that educates children with emotional and psychiatric disabilities. I fear this absence excuse normalizes mental disorders. By assuming children have fragile mental health and developing practices accordingly, we run the risk of further shaping children into people with mental disorders. Generalized anxiety rates amongst teens are way up. Shouldn't we look into the mirror instead? We should change our practices and policies to reinforce resilience instead.
Liberal rubbish Anonymous
Yes, with reasonable limits and documentation from a physician for extended absences. Anonymous
A cautious yes, but would need to know more about how the law is written, what conditions qualify for such an absence, would students have a limit of days, etc. Is the student still accountable for learning? Abuse of such a concept while well-intentioned might result in exacerbating the situation rather than helping or healing it. What kinds of resources will be provided to support the students and teachers? Building trauma-informed schools might be a more holistic and effective response Anonymous
The students should be allowed a limited number of days, and they should be required to complete some classwork for every one of those days, through an online classroom portal. Anonymous
I would like to see a limit overall to excused absences just like adults have a set number of sick/personal days in their work contracts. Parents, especially of elementary students, need to know that just keeping their child home because they have other things to do isn’t a good idea and is detrimental to their education. There are always extenuating circumstances but it is a good start. Anonymous
This may be a good idea especially appropriate with the National shootings in schools. However, it may not be as effective. If so there is a need for Professional in the schools such as social workers, counselors, and appointed personnel who could listen to students and follow up on their concerns! Anonymous
I think those students who need mental health days should be doing so on the advice of a doctor. They also need a 504 plan. I do approve parents taking a child fishing or to the flower show. Anonymous
True mental health days should be sick days since it is a medical issue. "Mental Health" days will just become a reason not to be in the classroom. Anonymous
It should include requirements for professional follow-up. Anonymous
Children are dealing with bullying, home issues, and peer pressure. Everyone needs mental health days to regroup, refuel and to go forward. I support this legislation I believe this will be advantageous to the student, their families, and the community. Anonymous
Just as with physical ailments, any ongoing absence must trigger a confirmation from a mental health provider and some evidence of ongoing treatment. Anonymous
Too many days allowed off now. A mental health day can be considered a sick day. Anonymous





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