Comments from May 17 Poll - Where to start instruction in the Fall?

o what extent would you favor each of these return-to-school options in the Fall?

Answer Respondent
Saint Patrick HS has enjoyed the distance learning program that we have used for the past five years during this pandemic Anonymous
We are a year-round school. We will start when we are permitted and begin instruction where we left off. Anonymous
Getting into a school building will determine how much of anything we can do. Anonymous
Have available online curriculum for all students over the summer, that is adaptable. Anonymous
Begin the year with America core folks or college students or underemployed people needing part-time jobs to tutor kids lagging behind Anonymous
Schools should NOT open in the fall. Anonymous
We are beginning the year with a district-wide informal assessment to determine learning gaps, starting points, and intervention/support plans. Anonymous
Remote learning has been an excellent new technique but for many students it hasn't been the best way to present new content. I feel that some of the students didn't get the material correctly and some teachers did NOT teach new material or just glancing over the material. Need a better plan! Anonymous
I would be in favor of starting one week earlier. Extending this year is not an option. The staff is emotionally exhausted.

With Spring 2020 concepts most certainly needing to be covered, I am in favor of canceling the state assessments for next year. Giving a 4th-grade assessment, for example, would be unfair based on how much of the third-grade curriculum needs to be taught come September. We don’t know if we will start with total virtual teaching or just part-time.
There will be gaps in learning for nearly all students. Trying to have a "do-over" of this school year since schools closed would be unproductive, in my opinion. My district is offering some "summer school" learning opportunities for students who did not engage during this last quarter. Beyond that, I think we just have to cut our losses and begin planning for the next year and how it might look. Anonymous
I think it also depends on the coursework you teach, the age range of the students you work with, and how much access they have had since mid-March when distance instruction began. I am of the mindset that next year will be blended on-line and distance, we need our summer to make real adjustments to make things work better. Anonymous
Teachers will have to gauge if they need to backtrack and review the curriculum. Will not be a one fits all situation. Anonymous



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