Comments from August 4, 2019 Poll - Hiring Retired Teachers

NC is considering a law under which retired teachers could work in high-need schools and earn a salary similar to entry-level teachers without jeopardizing their retirement benefits. Those teaching special education, science, technology, engineering or math would earn a little more.  Do you think this is a good idea?

Answer Respondent
If there is a need for teachers in specific certifications areas, then yes. Anonymous
There is no shortage of need for highly qualified teachers with experience and a passion for teaching children. Anonymous
Teachers should be paid for their expertise. provisions should be made so that they can earn a reasonable salary without a penalty. Anonymous
Yes, especially if the person has the potential to help students and their support relieves the pressure at the pool of teachers...folks are not begging to step into our profession. Anonymous
Would to see a similar in Alabama
This is absolutely a good idea! High-need schools will benefit from the experience of retired teachers. I believe that some retired teachers still have so much teaching left in them but retired for other reasons. This law would allow those teachers to continue to make an impact on students without jeopardizing their retirement benefits. This could tip the scales for me about relocating to North Carolina for sure!!
However, they should be paid at the level at which they retired... not as beginning teachers. We must pay for the expertise, skills, and experience that they bring to the classroom... much more than beginning teachers! Anonymous
But allow this for only two or three years. You would need to really be careful during g the hiring process. The neediest students shouldn't also have tired or cranky teachers or ones who are. "set in their ways". Anonymous
It is always a good idea to have experienced teachers in the school system as long as they are still effective. Anonymous
The experienced master teachers would bring excellence to the students. Anonymous
For NC it's apparently a good idea. But why help politicians get out from the mess they made such as the ex-governor of Wisconsin. Anonymous
Absolutely!! Anonymous
If the retired teacher is effective if not then no. I would hope they would have to be interviewed and not just be given the job based on their retirement status. Anonymous
Offer them the equivalent salary earned when the retired. Keep the pension. Experienced teachers are more valuable if they are needed Anonymous
No. They should keep their retirement AND get paid at the level they deserve. They won't be able to collect social security because they are making too much. Health benefits should be included and they should not need medicare and may not qualify for it. Anonymous
Find incentives to get teachers to go to those areas Anonymous





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