Comments from 5/5/19 Poll - Money for Supplies

North Carolina has introduced legislation that would give $400 to each teacher - rather than to districts -to use for supplies beginning next fall.  Should money for classroom supplies be given to teachers or school districts?  

Answer Respondent
School Districts have not been providing teachers with a budget to spend for their classrooms, and in most cases, teachers purchase classroom supplies out of their pocket since they actually know in particular what they need for their individual room. Anonymous
School districts can aggregate purchases and get the supplies cheaper. Anonymous
Absolutely Anonymous
No matter what, $400 is still not nearly enough money. Do this AND continue to offer the teachers a tax deduction for money they spend out of pocket. Anonymous
But they need to account for funds Anonymous
Teachers should not have to purchase supplies out of their own money. Anonymous
Not all teachers have the same number of students to service. For example, an Art teacher needs supplies for all students and a classroom teacher may only need supplies for 24. Teachers should have a say in what they need and should be able to purchase specific supplies but in addition, a supply closet should be available for all teachers to use throughout the year. Anonymous
Better prices can be obtained by bulk purchase. My district has teachers supply a "needs" list before summer break for the upcoming school year. Anonymous
I teach are pricey... Anonymous
Absolutely! Bypass the bureaucracy and put it directly in the hands of those who make a difference. Anonymous
Schools should provide supplies. Shifting the burden to teachers, even with a small supplement, is a bad precedent. Anonymous
The NYC DOE has been doing this for years. Two issues: first is that some teachers will spend way more over the course of the year, because that is who they are, and not be reimbursed. The second is even with that allotment there are many who expect everything to be provided for them, right down to the paper and borders they use to cover their bulletin boards. Anonymous
As long as there is accountability as to how this money is used. Without, some will use the money like it is supposed to be used and some may see it as a bonus. I would also be leery that some districts may say since teachers got the money they aren’t going to give anything for supplies. $400 may sound like a lot of money, but doesn’t go that far in education, but still very helpful. Anonymous



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