Comments from 3/28/21 Poll - Is teaching still an appealing profession?

There has been a larger number of teacher retirements this year. The number of education majors in college has been decreasing. These two factors have caused some long-term planners to foresee a coming teacher shortage. Do you feel that the teaching profession is still an appealing profession?  

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To me it is. but to many, it does not pay well enough Anonymous
Teachers are not given the respect they deserve. As well there are some, as with every profession, that do the wrong thing and are highlighted. 98% of educators work hard. Are dedicated to their students and their own professional growth. They put in time and money to help their children meet with success. The issues fall with uneven resources and support Anonymous
To those who do it from a place of passion and calling. Anonymous
College graduates can begin an MA degree in elementary or secondary education and when they complete 15 credits they can begin a paid internship with a cooperating supervisor and lead teacher at the school. School districts may have to hire many interns to meet the need for teachers. This website needs to inform members. Anonymous
Personally, no. However, in my area (Long Island, NY), there are MANY out-of-work teachers, and many more new ones graduating every year. Anonymous
Not like it used to be. Anonymous
Teaching is a very important profession! All children need to be educated! With all the modern technological tools and excellent, ongoing staff development, teachers can and do excel! Anonymous
Teaching as a lifelong career has been crippled by those in power for monetary reasons, as far as a shortage goes I am less inclined to believe that outlook, perhaps a revolving door is more likely. Anonymous
Unsure. With the demands placed upon teachers and low pay in some communities, it is a difficult choice. Anonymous
Not unless the teachers' unions start to worry about the students and teachers and not about themselves. They are raking in the $$$ and not thinking about the damage being done to our students Anonymous
There are a number of additional non-instructional duties that have become part of being a teacher that take away from a teacher's ability to do their job well. Secondly, there is nothing like the interaction between a teacher and their student, virtual as the only available option doesn't work! Anonymous





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