Teaching While Black

Teaching While Black

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Jason Johnson: This is a word, a podcast from Slate. I’m your host, Jason Johnson. Most American public school students are kids of color, but a small minority of teachers are. And the latest data shows that fewer than 10% of American teachers are black. So what’s driving the black teacher shortage and what’s at stake for the nation’s kids?

Speaker 2: All the disruptions, the challenges, virtual learning challenges for kids and families because of covid’s economic impact, health impact on families. All of that took a toll on teachers.

Jason Johnson: Solving the black teacher shortage. Coming up on a word with me, Jason Johnson. Stay with us. Welcome to a word, a podcast about race and politics and everything else. I’m your host, Jason Johnson. This month, as students settle back into school. We’re focusing on issues important to education. Today, we’re talking about the shortage of black teachers. Students of color have made up the majority of those in American public schools for close to a decade. But only about 20% of teachers are non-white and fewer than 10% are black.

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