What Is Math Whiteboard and Why Should I Care?

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What Is Math Whiteboard and Why Should I Care?

This website, Math Whiteboard, was designed by math educators to provide a collaborative way to experience mathematics principles. They looked at research on the best ways to learn math and applied them in creating their math tool. And did I mention that it’s completely free for teachers, tutors, and students, always and forever?

How Do You Use Math Whiteboard?

Math Whiteboard is web-based and runs on any browser. So there is no software to install. It has a keyboard interface for entering math notations on your computer keyboard or via the virtual keyboard, or you can use a touch screen.

The tool has these features:

  • Math handwriting recognition
  • Erase with a scribble
  • Graph equations with ease
  • Create a slider for different inputs into problems
  • Drag and drop PDF files onto the board
  • Computer algebra system for solving simple to complex equations

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