Recently, there was an announcement about technology literacy assessment, for the first time, as a part of the National Assessment of Education Progress, also known as the national report card. USDOE has awarded $1.8 million competitive grant to WestEd, a nationally known research organization, to develop the technology literacy assessment framework by 2009.

This will have a significant implication and impact on our technology integration efforts at local level. I happen to be selected to serve on the national planning committee for the framework development. I will try to update you with what I have learned through my involvement. At the same time, I would also like to get ideas from you, the field experts, on questions like What, How, and When to meaningfully assess students' technology literacy, now and future. The initial meeting will take place in two weeks. Don't hesitate to let me know your ideas via this media.

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I think once students start using the internet for research, then they should be assessed of how they are using the information, where they can get reliable information, when to use the information they have gained, and what is usable or non-usable information. I teach fourth grade and have my students do quarterly research projects at home, as well as in class. To start, I demonstrate good web sites and not so good web sites. Together we write a research paper and we discuss what information is useful, and how to write that information in our own words. If the exact wording is pertinent, then I show the students how to reference that information at then end of their research. After this modeling is complete, students begin their own research and I constantly question what information they are or aren't using. If a student is referencing a site that may not be reliable, I pull it up on the projector and have the class evaluate the information, then they discuss the pros and cons of the site and the information that needs to be attained. This is an on-going assessment throughout the year.

Students are constantly browsing sites on their own at home and should be taught and reminded of sites to use or not to use. They also have to be taught as to how to use the information they attain. My building is discussing bringing research projects down to third grade, again the students will have to be taught about media and technology literacy, as well as constantly be assessed to ensure that they are using the information properly.






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